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Banco de Costa Rica offers its customers different account types, either in colones or dollars to control money safely, available, better services and a wide branch network and electronic means of self-service 24 hours a day along the year.

Warning: provide your personal account to receive or transfer money from and to strangers has legal implications.  Do not provide your account to third parties; remember:  account misuse may result in account closure by the Bank.

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General Requirements

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Checking Account

What is it?

It is an agreement through which the Bank administers money or securities received from an individual and are credited immediately as deposit. It grants a credit which can be drawn upon through checks, money drafts issued by depositary and through different electronic and technological tools that Bank offers to account holders.


  • Checks in dollars and colones
  • Permits business at any time, guaranteeing them with a check as securities title.
  • It is a guarantee of a payment order, that is, payment breach shall be a reason to place a judicial demand.
  • It is the mechanism of tax and accounting internal control

To who is addressed?

It is addressed to individuals and corporations.

Related Services


Checks are securities titles widely used as payment.  There are certain provisions for payment which will mention after.

Draft  over other securities

Are drafts credited to a checking account holders who has a due collection procedure such as a check.

Basically is a loan granted to the customer so that he may use money before the regulated time. There is a commission charge for such service.

Liquid Account

What is it?

It is an agreement through which the Bank administers money or securities received from an individual and are credited immediately as deposit whose movements can just be electronically performed.

Electronically, customers may transfer funds to and from the Liquidity Account obtaining good cash flow with higher interest rates than other accounts.

Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 


  • Yield to be paid is negotiable at Banks Treasury
  • No check issuance shall be permitted.
  • It can be related to new or existing accounts, of individuals or corporations.
  • Interests are daily calculated and monthly credited.
  • Interest rate shall be the same every day, including weekends and holidays.
  • Cannot be related to debit card
  • Only electronic transactions are made through bancobcr.com; Bancatel or Banca Móvil. .

To who is addressed?

It is addressed to all Top customers individuals or corporations who want high yield in accounts and who own high average monthly balances.

What is a Euros Account?

It is an agreement through which the Bank administers money received from an individual and are credited immediately as deposits.

It is a service aimed to customers who want to deposit Euros for international creditor payments located in Europe.

Account provides security and eases process. Customer will have a Euros account and international payment offered by BCR, so that customer fulfills obligations abroad.

Target audience?

Individuals of age and artificial persons/corporations.


  • Customer may directly pay in Euros in any currency he may need.
  • The Euro is the strongest currency and frequently used for international payments.
  • Customer may deposit in cash.
  • Customer may withdraw in cash provided that there is currency available in the office. For withdrawals greater than 5000 Euros, please coordinate with Currency Vault in Headquarters.

Fund usage

Upon need to use funds to be used abroad, customer will have following alternatives which he may request at any BCR branch.

International Wire Transfers.


What is it?

It is an optional service that according to internal policy Bank offers its customers with the understanding that its main purpose is to save money and based on its rules and operations, those accounts opened to facilitate corporate payroll will also functions as such accounts.


  • It allows usage of diverse electronic means (Bancatel, bancobcr.com).
  • It allows usage of credit card.
  • It is a tool for credit transactions.
  • It has BCR support as government financial institution.
  • Deposited funds are safe.
  • It offers immediate withdrawal of funds deposited in cash.
  • It offers a wide network of automated teller machines (ATM) strategically located throughout the country.
  • A specific amount is not required to open such account. It just requires customes to keep depositing balance is always there and account is not closed.

Savings account types:

          Savings account addressed to individuals and artificial persons/corporations.

          Cuenta Conmigo” for kids under 12 years old.

          Youth account addressed to under age individuals between 12 and 18 years old. 

          Savings account for Retired individuals.

To who is addressed?

It is mainly addressed to individuals or corporations who want to save and manage their money.  At a lesser degree it can be used by corporations who do not need to issue checks.

Simplified Account

What is it?

The Simplified or Account of Simplified Record (CES, for Spanish acronym), is a financial product that allows citizens to open an account in a simple way; by solely submitting a valid identification document and a mobile phone number.

There are two types of simplified accounts, according to the maximum limit of deposits (monthly average):

          Level 1: Up to 1,000 US dollars or its equivalent in national currency. Local and foreign residents must submit a valid identification. Maximum limit for foreigners not resident in the country and must submit a valid passport.

          Level 2: up to 2,000 US dollars or its equivalent in national currency. Local and foreign residents must submit a valid identification document. It does not apply to non-resident aliens (valid passport).

Note: For fund income higher to monthly average of $2,000 or its equivalent in colones, as well as people identified with passport with income greater or equal to $1,000 or its equivalent in colones, must directly apply for regular account opening in a BCR office.


BCR warns:

Providing your personal account to receive or transfer money to and from strangers has legal implications. Do not lend your account to third parties; remember that account misuse may empower the Bank to close it.


Aimed at individuals of age with low risk profile, according to risk categorization model which to meet the 8204 Act scope and its regulations, is effective.


Simplicity at account opening

•Access to all Bank electronic channels.

•Receiving salary in your account.

•Withdrawing money from ATM.

•Non-resident foreign individuals must present current passport and immigration stamp upon entering Costa Rica.  

•Service payments and recharge services.

•Immediate availability of funds in cash.

•It has Government guarantee in accordance with Article 4 of the Organic Law of the National Banking System.

•It allows the use of (local and international) debit card, which has an insurance against theft or fraud up ¢ 500 thousand colones in the event that customer alerts the Bank within following 72 hours after the event, provided that fraud does not involve usage of password or PIN by offender. 

•Allows designation of authorized persons, which are third parties at the option of the holder of the service to access operating management of the same.

•It allows the designation of beneficiaries. 

•It allows the issuance of electronic certificates of term deposit with support of account fund.

•For any questions regarding product operation; customer can resort to support services provided by the Bank.

Currency: Colones

Type of account: Simplified.

Service Conditions

•Does not apply to people who exceed transaction limits indicated in two types of simplified account procedures.

•The client may request the account through the web www.bancobcr.com.  This may or may not be a BCR client. Once the request is made, you must go to the office where you indicated the sending of the card in order to complete the service and sign the contract; this will have a maximum of 60 calendar days, otherwise the account will be closed.

•Only one account per customer can be requested.

•The accounts are subject to Regulation for Savings Accounts (Dollars and Colons), Regulation of Electronic Banking Services, the Regulation of Rates and Conditions for Services of the Bank of Costa Rica.

•They can not be used for sending and receiving international transfers.

Sites where you can make the request:

•In authorized BCR Offices.


•In the BCR Mobile App / Online Requests.

•Contact Center – Phone call 22111111.

•And the Tucan points located throughout the country.


  • Wide ATM network, more than 370 ATMs located in strategic point throughout the country available at flexible times, 365 days a year.  ATH ATMs are also available as well as the ATMs at
  • Supermercados Palí en Costa Rica.
  • Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through Bancatel (2258-91-91), Bancamóvil (Banking at mobile phone at 2276) and www.bancobcr.com (with Clave Dinámica for further security for online procedures).
  • Support and safety of government financial bank.
  • BCR- Débito card usage, with $10,00 annual management fees related to the account (except Cards Cuenta Conmigo, Cuenta Propia, Pensionados).  It is insured against theft or fraud in the amount of five hundred thousand colones. Can be used in more than 18 thousand points of sale. 
  • Immediate cash availability
  • Monthly statements of account through e-mail or bancobcr.com
  • Permits an exact control of income and expenses
  • It becomes a reference for loan applications.
  • Can name authorized parties and beneficiaries.
  • Discounts and sales.
  • Assistance Center 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Utility payment and other recurrent charges:
  • Direct connectivity through bancobcr.com with Public Institutions and private organizations.


What is it?

It is a card related to savings accounts, electronic or checking accounts.  It is safer than cash since it is robbed, it can reported avoiding an empty account.  It is a payment means accepted in thousands of Visa and/or MasterCard point of sales locally or internationally.

Card types by age ranges and trademark


Age range


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0 to 13 years old


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14 to 17 years old


Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 

18 to 30 years old


Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 

Older than 18 years old



Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 

Older than 18 years old with gold credit profile



Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 

Older than  18 years old with platinum credit profile




Descripción: Descripción: Descripción: # 

 C.C.S.S. Retired



Requirements for opening checking and savings accounts*

In the event that you request a change in the ID number or name, you shall solely submit new ID document once file verification confirms that is up to date.

Costa Rican physical person and foreign physical person

·         Original identification document in good condition and valid for both the owner of the account and authorized. The Bank considers identification documents for foreign persons the following:

-          Passport.

-          Residence certificate.

-          Provisional or permanent residence certificate.

-          Pensioner pension card.

-          Refugee card.

-          International mission card.

-          Temporary permission.

-          Rent resident card.    

-          Rentier dependent carnet.

-          Residence document for political asylee.

-          Residence card.

-          Identification card for foreign members of the Diplomatic Corps, Diplomatic Missions or International Missions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.


·         The temporary resident must provide the authorization of the General Directorate as part of the verification of the origin of the funds. Description of the source or origin of the funds that justify the transactions to be carried out, for example: salary, fees, business operation, inheritance, rents, among others; this information must be supported by salary records and / or employer orders (employees only), certifications of income of Certified Public Accountant (non-salaried), When the funds come from abroad are requested equivalent documents which must be consularized or apostilled. The documents must contain the following information:

-          Name of the employer or nature of his business if he works on his own

-          Amount of income that you receive

-          Profession and occupation.


·         You are exempt from submitting what is described in the previous point, if you receive income or perform monthly transactions below two base salaries; or of a base salary in the case of remittance companies (as established by Law 7337), in colones or its equivalent in another currency.

·         When the transactional pattern is modified or the monthly amount increases above the established limit, you must provide the documentation that supports the new transactional pattern.

·         The bank authorizes the opening of accounts to disabled people you as long as there is at least one special power granted by a notary, in which a third party is authorized by the choice of the interested party to sign.

·         Additional requirements for a checking account:

-          Initial deposit established by the bank according to the type of currency of the account (¢ 50,000 colones, $ 500 dollars or € 100 euros).

Physical person Costa Rican under age

·         Proof or certification of the birth certificate of the minor or Identity Card for Minors (TIM) issued by the Civil Registry.

·         Original identification document of the father, mother, guardian or legal guardian.

·         Only the parent, guardian or legal representative who originally managed the opening of the account, is the one who has the power to add and remove a guardian or authorized.

·         If you are already a client and have active open accounts, you are exempt from the opening requirements, after verification that the file is updated.

·         The bank authorizes the opening of accounts to disabled people you as long as there is at least one special power granted by a notary, in which a third party is authorized by the choice of the interested party to sign.

Physical person mother Costa Rican minor of age

·         The minor mother has the power to represent her child, so she must present the document of the judicial authority concerning the maintenance of the child (alimony).

Physical person Costa Rican minor of age worker

·         The working minor (over 15 years old and under 18) must present the letter from the employer who is hiring him, indicating the conditions and position of work, in accordance with Costa Rican legislation.

Physical person requirements with contributions to the labor capitalization fund

·         These requirements will apply only to opening savings accounts and if you are a BCR Pensions customer and if you make withdrawals of the FCL. The following requirements will be requested:

-          Original identification document.

-          Initial deposit corresponding to the retirement of the Labor Capitalization Fund of BCR Pensions.



·         Literal certification of legal status issued by the National Registry in physical or digital form, or literal certification of a notary public with a view to the National Registry, which details the date and place of incorporation as well as the term of validity, with a term of expedition not more than three months at the time of the entailment.

·         Certification of share capital.

·         Copy of registration before Sugef (if apropriate in article 15 of Law No. 8204).

·         The justification of income will be requested for those clients who declare or credit their accounts more than 2 base salaries. When funds come from abroad, equivalent documents must be requested, which must be consularized or apostilled.

·         When the client modifies his transactional pattern or increases the monthly amount over the established limit, the client must provide the documentation that supports the new transactional pattern.

·         It is considered reasonable the documentation that supports the income, both for the entailment and for subsequent updates, the accredited by:

a)     Financial statements of the last fiscal period audited or internally duly endorsed by the accountant and legal representative.

b)     Certificates of accounting books, issued by a public accountant, and that describe the financial information of the company.

c)     Companies that are going to start operations can provide feasibility studies, approval documents of municipalities, pre-projects, projected cash flows or others that reasonably show the volume of business. In these cases, the origin of the funds of the initial capital contributions should be investigated.

d)     If another type of information is provided, it must be issued by public entities or public or private accountants, and must always support the transactions or volume of funds handled by the client with the BCR Financial Conglomerate.

·         If you are already a client and have active open accounts, the opening requirements are waived, after verification that the file is updated.

·         If the legal entity corresponds to an Incorporation (Inc.) or a limited company  it additionally requires:

a)     Original or certified copy of the deed of incorporation of the company.

·         Given that described in the previous point if the applicant corresponds to some other type of legal entity, it is important to consider that there are some additional requirements, so it is recommended to call 2211-1111 and communicate with customer service for more information.

Account Agreement


Saving Account Agreement for mother of minor

Download file (Spanish)

Saving Account Agreement for minor worker

Download file (Spanish)

Saving Account Agreement for minor

Download file (Spanish)

Unique Account Agreement for Political Party

Download file (Spanish)

Simplified Account Agreement (CES)

Download file (Spanish)

Euro Account Agreement

Download file (Spanish)

Saving Account Agreement

Download file (Spanish)

Liquid Account Agreement

Download file (Spanish)

Checking Account service Agreement

Download file (Spanish)



For further information on our product and services, please write to CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com or visit your nearest BCR branch.



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