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Services rendered by BCR Custody

Among rendered services that BCR Custody offers are:

Basic Services:

a) Reception of securities under custody.

b) Settlement service for stock Exchange operations made with securities under custody.

c) Securities account record management, both printed and dematerialized.

d) Administration and custody of cash related to securities under custody.

e) Management of patrimony rights which is made up of interest and capital collection, amortization, dividends or any other applicable right to securities under custody.

Supplemental Services

a) Compilation and analysis of information about custody portfolio performance and purchase and sell decision analysis.

b) Compliance control of investment policy, for collective and individual portfolios discretionally managed by trading booths.

c) Securities loan. Such possibility must be clearly stated in custody contract as well as all information related to profits which shall be received by loan.

d) Analysis and risk assessment of custody portfolios.

e) Portfolio assessment at market prices.

f) Management of investment fund share book.



E-mail: CustodioBCR@bancobcr.com
Tel: 2287-9130  |  Fax: 2255-0530

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