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Identification code

The identification code shall provide customer with access to the system and shall be voluntarily created. Customer shall know it by memory and shall be unique; he may want to use his personal card identification number as code but we do recommend to create and use another one.

How to create an identification code?

Once you have been logged into our Virtual Office, you shall access the Security menu, go to Identification Code and create one.


  • Code shall be confidential and voluntarily created.
  • Known by memory rather than written somewhere.
  • It may contain numbers and letters.
  • It must be made up of 8 characters minimum and 20 characters maximum. Those characters must be alphanumeric.
  • It is not case sensitive.
  • It can be changed at any time.
  • No special characters allowed.
  • Do not use same identification code in other Internet sites.
  • Do not use customer or family common or relevant codes; that is, birthday or anniversary dates, or numeric data easily related to the customer.
  • Do not hand it out to third parties.
  • Do not set up the Internet browser or operative system to remember passwords.
  • Customer shall keep an active security device (Printed/virtual Dynamic Key, Digital Certificate) to create or change the identification code.

Once created, the identification code shall be mandatory to access the site.

When forgetting your code, the system will request you to subscribe again.

We do invite you to use such alternative created for your security.


For more information, please contact us at:  

Telephone (506) 2211-1111


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