Promociones Tarjetas

Pay and recharge here: Kolbi, Claro and Movistar


For online payment and recharge at please do as follows:

  • Login into the Online Branch.
  • In payment section, select “phone recharge”.
  • Then select service you want to use.


Electronic codes in the amount of ¢2.500, 00; ¢5.000, 00 and ¢10.000, 00.

Recharge (UseTime) from ¢100 up to ¢25.000.



Enabled channels are cashiers and

Keys shall be service number itself.

Minimum recharge amount shall be from ¢1.000 up to a maximum of ¢50.000. It is important to clarify that customer or cashier shall select them from a list (sets of ¢1.000.00; ¢2.500, 00; ¢5.000, 00; ¢10.000, 00; ¢15.000, 00; ¢20.000, 00; ¢30.000, 00 and ¢50.000, 00).



Enabled channels are Cashiers and

Key shall be service number itself or account number assigned by Movistar.

Minimum recharge amount is ¢100 up to a maximum of ¢10.000 colones.

(*)Amount does not accept decimals.


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